Redrock Growler

What’s a Growler?

A 2 litre glass bottle which can fill up with your favourite craft beer. Take it home and enjoy with family and friends. 

Growlers are filled directly from the tap and topped with a twist cap that seals in all the happy goodness. Keeping fresh for 24 hours. 

  • 2 Litres
  • 4.5 alc
  • recyclable

Open Friday (11H00) to Sunday (13H00)

Next time you’re at a growler bar station, bring your clean growler back and fill it with your favourite beer. 

  • Buy your growler bottle
  • Fill your growler with your favourite fresh local brew
  • Drink enjoy with friends and family
  • Repeat return and refill your growler

Both Eco-friendly and economical

Note: beer need to be consumed once bottle is opened